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The price of DLC… Quit Yer Bitchin’

Posted by Krispy Demon On May - 22 - 2009

Halo Wars DLC will not rape you

So I hear there is a big cry fest over the price and size of the new Halo Wars DLC. From what I understand, a bunch of basement-dwelling emo kids are upset that the price of the new Halo Wars DLC is so high considering that it’s a measly 2mb download, meaning, by their expert calculations, that the “DLC” was already on the disc and you are just paying to download a code to unlock the content.

I have some problems with this on many different levels.  First of all, don’t spout off about what things mean when you have no idea.  The stupid DLC is a couple of new game modes, so all you’d really have to download would be equivalent to some text documents telling the game how the rules during a match work.  Of course it’s going to be small.  Also, of course most of the fucking content is going to be on the disc, it uses the same assets!  There are no new models or animations or cut scenes or maps or anything!  Use your fucking brains!

If you don’t like the price of DLC for a game, or the content isn’t worth what they’re asking for it, don’t fucking buy it!  It’s not that hard.  Shit, you paid sixty bucks for Halo Wars anyway, you’re either five years old or a crack head, so either way you won’t have the money for the content without begging for it or robbing some poor motherfucker.

I’m sorry if I’m in the minority here, but a company should be able to charge what they want for what they’re selling.  Obviously, it’s on them to charge what the market will bear for their product.  I mean, if Rockstar wants to charge 1600 points for GTA IV content while Bethesda wants to charge 800 points, I don’t see what the big deal is. 

I guess there is some sort of mathematical equation somewhere that determines how much a company should charge for different amounts of content.  If someone finds this for me, please let me know, because I’ve always stupidly just got DLC that I wanted to play and could afford.  Personally, I won’t pay for the GTA content because I’m not that into the game, not at that price, anyway; but I will get the Fallout 3 content.  I like the game and I’m interested playing it more, so that content is worth the price to me.  I don’t care if the download is 2mb or 2 gb.

Most of the content of DLC is already going to be on the disc anyway, unless it’s a full on expansion or something that uses little of the original game’s assets.  Even then, most of the code is going to be on the disc.  I’m assuming that if this Halo Wars crap had included one shitty map that people wouldn’t be complaining about it near as much.  Shit, look at things like the Street Fighter IV costumes, they are all around something like 150kb for multiple costumes, and yet no one bitches about them… at least not that I’m aware of.  Is it okay for something stupid like costumes or gamer pics to be tiny downloads?  Is it the price to size of download ratio that people get pissed about.

Look, here’s what it comes down to.  If you see that RE5 has DLC and you think it’s a ripoff, DON’T FUCKING BUY IT! Despite what you think, you do not NEED to play the new Halo Wars content, or play in a Pink Pummel costume for Blanka.  Get some fucking perspective before your parents find out how much DLC your putting on their credit cards and ground you.

Personally, I agree that the thing is a huge waste of money, but it’s got nothing to do with whether or not the content is on the disc, it’s got to do with the fact that the content sucks. Part of the reason the content sucks, though, is that the game, while it may have it’s good qualities, just isn’t my type of RTS game. Give me something with some depth and, I don’t know, maybe something that requires some strategy or tactics.

Halo Wars, to me, was just build as big of an army of the “elite” type units as you can and roll over the bad guy. Hey, that’s just me though. My seven-year-old nephew loves the game and is on the last level, on hard, so who am I to judge? Maybe seven-year-old boys are the market focus now, and because they don’t know the value of a dollar, they will probably download the new content just because it has “The Mastew Cheev” on it.

Really though, I thought size didn’t matter, but it was the content of the download. Hell, at least it’s not the Lumines fiasco or some bullshit EA Godfather stunt. Now that I can see getting bent out of shape about, but crying because a download is only 2MB? Get over it.

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