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Arcade games still got it… if they’re in the right place

Posted by Sweetnuts On May - 21 - 2009


Other than Dance Dance Revolution, I never see anyone playing arcade games any more. Wait, scratch that — I do see drunk people play stuff at bars, but bars are not arcades. Convenience stores are not arcades either, but the games featured there are apparently really compelling to people in the south.

    A Georgia woman was so entranced by an arcade game at the thrift store that she actually forgot that her newborn baby was still in the van. All by itself. With the windows up. On a hot day. Somebody noticed and called the police, and the woman went to jail. This is actually the second case like this that I’ve read about recently, and it leaves me with several thoughts.

      How is the woman going to care for her baby if she’s in jail? Who was nosy enough that they actually noticed a baby in someone else’s van? What game was at this store that was able to entertain the woman for over a half hour? Why don’t all arcades serve alcohol and sell Slim Jims? I think I just had a wonderful idea…

        So why don’t arcades draw people that want to play arcade games? Why is it that these other, arguably less kid-friendly places more popular in the arcade cabinet department? Why is it that kids in general don’t play arcade games any more? Why is it that the only people playing games at Chuck E. Cheese are the adults?

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